Exercise to Balance Your Chakras

Starting with the 1st chakra, place a red floater candle in a glass bowl filled with water – light the floater. Sit quietly. As you find that peaceful place within, bring your awareness to the chakra. Visualize it as a red wheeling spinning clockwise. Breathe in red, breathe out the old color. Do this for several breaths until the color of your out-breath matches the color of your in-breath. Then repeat the related chakra affirmation as a mantra. As you feel complete, extinguish the chakra floater with candle snuffer. Repeat the above exercise with each chakra using the appropriate chakra floater, color and affirmation. Never leave lit candles unattended.


7th chakra AFFIRMATION: I allow myself to become one with the divine energy that connects us all for true balance.

6th chakra AFFIRMATION: I open myself to the inner vision, which brings understanding of my spiritual truths.

5th AFFIRMATION: I express myself freely and openly knowing that I am seen and heard just as I desire to be.

4th AFFIRMATION: I feel harmonious and compassionate toward myself and all around me, the pinnacle of love.

3rd AFFIRMATION: I free myself to the power of living my life to the fullest, feeling worthy of all that I receive.

2nd AFFIRMATION: I allow my sensuality to flow and achieve my most ambitious desires without sacrificing those I love and care for.

1st AFFIRMATION: I allow myself to be both physically safe and tranquil within my world.

Give this a try, I love using affirmations, they are very helpful.


The Chakras (meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit) are spinning energy centers invisible to the human eye. There are seven major chakras that run along the spine, each having its own color and characteristic. In your personal growth, you go through many different moods and ways of being, each relating to different chakras. Understanding and being in tune with your chakras allows you to awaken to your own personal power while balancing your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Use our Chakra Floaters to affirm each chakra and to discover your inner self. When the chakras are in balance they glow like brightly colored flowers.

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