chakra healing

Everything in our universe is composed of energy. The energy which makes up inanimate objects such as a table or chair is of a dense vibration; where the energy of living things such as plants and animals and humans is more dynamic and vibrant (Hue-man). These energies are within and around our bodies. They vibrate at different rates which are translated to both color and tone (sound). When I see energy I not only see color but I see texture and am also given information as to if the energy is vibrant and healthy or blocked on some level. These blocks may be caused by someone else’s energy or programming by others or childhood experiences or trauma or past life experiences or any number of things which affect our energy field. I hav been allowed the gift of being able to help others to move their energy around, release that which is block, bring energies into present time, and more…I do this with the help of my healing guides and the Supreme Being. I only offer healing work to those who ask for it and give their permission for me to do it. I will never do any healing work without permission. I also do not ever use my own energy to heal or help others to heal themselves. I simply help someone to move and change their energy by using their energy to remove and release blocks or change whatever they wish changed. Then they are more free to continue their own healing process. Often they will begin to bring in vibrant, beautiful colors before my very eyes to continue their healing. Sometimes they will bring the old energy back because they still have to learn something from it or are not ready to give it up. Other times there are what some would call miracles. I am often amazed and delighted when I hear months later that someone had a dramatic healing happen or they had a most important revelation following their session with me. This is most wonderful and the work of a much greater force than myself.

Looking back at my own life I was always a “healer”. I was always finding and bringing home a bird fallen from the nest or a rabbit with a broken leg or any animal which needed help. They seemed to always find me!! In my early 20’s I did some hands on healing on my own body-a knee which needed help. I felt such warmth and energy from my hands, and my knee sure felt great after playing around with this ability. My college training and education was in counseling and I worked with emotionally challenged children, parents and young adults. This was very rewarding. Then I decided to take a psychic healing class and I had a miracle after the first night. I’ll share it here although I normally save it for my beginning healing classes. I had some ellowish fatty deposits on my eyelid which my father also had. After this first evening at my healing class I came home and shared with my roomate that they were not mine, that they were my father’s. The very next day I went to work-I was teaching preschool in the inner city-and rubbed my eye and they came off in my hand. I still get chills when I tell that story-18 years later. It changed my life and I knew which way I was headed.

I firmly believe in the words Healer, Heal Thyself. I am hopefully continuing my own growth and healing process. There have been areas of my life where I have changed and cocreated miracles. There have been other areas where like everyone, I have been stuck and could not make change. This is part of the learning lesson. I have asked for help from others in the healing arts, medical profession and elsewhere. All aspects of the healing professions have strengths and can be used to help. But I do know that we are all Divine Spirits and if we are experiencing ill health or emotionl distress then we are not being the divinity of ourselves in some area of our life. It is a matter of removing blocks, retrieving all of the energy we have given away throughout our lives and living in the present in love and harmony with ourselves and our planet. When we know that the kingdom of Heaven is within us and we remove all the blocks so that we can find it and know it and feel it, then all of our healings and processes become more understandable and most joyous.

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