Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word for wheel. We have these energy centers along our spine and in our hands and feet. The Chakras open and close similar to a camera lens. I often visualize my own as lotus blossoms which open and close.

The chakras each carry certain information which I will explain later. Our chakras are the energy center or vortex of energy from which originates the energy of our glands and organs and abilities. So on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level our health lies within our chakras.  That is why they are so important and are looked at closely by energy healers, psychics and meditators. There are colors and sound tones related to each also. Hence much emphasis on color and sound healing. Those both work on the level of the chakras to promote health and balance.  The astrological signs are also related to the chakras. I will save that info for another time.

I have noticed some variations on the placement and information contained in each chakra.  The following is the clearest and most correct information I have observed. Also recently some have spoken of a new chakra which has developed concerning ‘community.’ This should be observed with skepticism as I do not see that we have developed such a chakra. We already contain all the information needed to heal our communities within the true 7 major chakras and the others which I will also mention. These spiritual energy centers have been referred to throughout our history and have deep spiritual meanings in the bible and other spiritual treatise offered by the masters and avatars we have known.  The meaning of the number 7 symbolizes the 7 chakras and can be found again throughout the bible.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine for males and between the ovaries along the spine for females. The color associated is red. The first chakra has information concerning the physical body and survival. It gives us information as to how to clothe and feed and care for our body. It has some sexual information for both sexes. It is the chakra which we should examine if we find ourselves in financial difficulty as this is survival and has much to do with this first chakra.

The second chakra is located just below the belly button. The information here concerns sexuality and emotions. The ability we use from this chakra is clairsentience which is clear feeling.  This is how we read other’s emotions.  Many psychic readers will talk about how they feel another’s energy. They are using this chakra to do their readings. For many reasons that is not the optimal way of reading.  It is the kind of energy reading we do when at a party and feeling everyone’s emotions and we have to go outside to get away from it all for a time. When this chakra is very open and reading all the time we will be picking up other’s emotions as well as reading them. This is not healthy for ourselves or our bodies. This chakra is highly developed and especially in females who have ovaries which act as little radar stations for emotional energy.  Also males testicles might feel the energy of others if they are too open or have been attacked on an emotional or sexual level.  Both ovaries and testicles need to be clean of other’s energy for their health and comfort. The second chakra color is orange.

The third chakra is located at the solar plexus where the rib cage meets in a V. This chakra has control over the kidneys, adrenals and that whole system of organs and glands. The information here has to do with energy distribution through the body.  This is where to look and work if you are draggy or hyper and then exhausted.  Or if you wake up lethargic. This chakra also has to do with your dreaming and out of body experiences.  I am often amazed that during hypnotherapy sessions with people who have no psychic training at all they have often come up with a visualization of a cord of energy in this area.  This is amazing to me always. They are seeing their silver cord which is an important energy connection and is here in the third chakra region.  It has much to do with dreaming and astral travel, etc. It is of utmost importance to keep this chakra clean and healthy, as it is with all the chakras. The third chakra color is yellow.

The fourth chakra is located around the heart but more towards the center of the chest since they lie along the spinal column. Every person’s chakras may be slightly different than someone else’s but are in these general areas.  While reading this you may want to put your hand in front of each chakra to feel the energy of each. Or just close your eyes and get an idea of where each is. You may even see what color each is at this current time.  They are not always the true color as mentioned above. This is okay because you will be using different colors for healing or wisdom or whatever.  Or there may be some energies in them which you might want to clean out of your chakras. Ideally they are filled with only your information and energy and they are clean and running smoothly and in balance with each other.  If this is not the case you can seek healing from your higher self or a healing practitioner such as myself.

Back to the fourth chakra.  The heart chakra.  This is where the concepts we have about love are held. Or affinity for ourselves and for others. It controls the thymus and is the color green like emeralds.  This is a most important chakra also. I do believe that this is the one which we are all here to heal. There is no question about the difficulties we on the planet earth have with our heart and love. There is a little puzzle in that sentence so if you find it you will have a bigger puzzle to solve. Everyone is searching for love.  I had a friend who used to call human love — Luuuv (long and drawn out).  Our fourth chakra if  cleansed and healed has more to do with Divine Love. It may be carrying old concepts from parents, society or old lovers and mates.  When it is clean and pure we have Divine Love, more similar to God’s Love which is not the Hollywood kind.

The fifth chakra controls the thyroid and is the color of sky blue. Located at the throat, the information and abilities within are of communication and creativity. These are pretty self explanatory.  There are many forms of communication — verbal and telepathic. And our creativity is what keeps us alive on many levels. It is the part of being hue-man which is so enriching. All the colors created with words and visuals…much of our meaning in life is here. It is certainly connected to the Universal flow of energy, abundance, creativity.  We love ourselves more when we are within the flow of life.

The sixth chakra is the third eye located in the forehead between the eyebrows. The color associated is indigo and the gland is the pineal gland.  This is the gland which is affected by the drug LSD and has that same chemical within it so as to allow us to see many colors with our eyes closed. It is the pleasure gland. Pleasure beyond the norm. This is the gland which is affected in tantric yoga when the orgasm is controlled and the energy moves from the sexual organs to the pineal gland instead of physical orgasm.  The experience is of bright light, color and immense pleasure. This gland and chakra as all of them do, needs care and attention. Many of our so called mentally ill simply have this chakra wide open and are seeing things which our eyes don’t see, so we give them drugs to close the chakra down and call them crazy. So, you may not be crazy, you may be psychic. Others of us dearly love to have this chakra opened up and take other drugs to do that.  Meditation can do this without the use of drugs in either case. Whether we need to close down a bit or open up we can do it ourselves without the use of chemicals. For many the drugs which help close this chakra down are saving their lives and helping them to be more within the norm of functioning society.

The seventh chakra is located at the top of the head. The gland is the pituitary which controls the functioning of other glands and hormones. It’s color is violet. Again it is important for this chakra to be clean and balanced as per above it controls many bodily functions. The seventh chakra has to do with knowingness or being able to be still and know.  So if anyone else’s energy is interfering with your knowingness then you are not being in total balance and harmony with your own spiritual information. And as above, so below means that if that is true then on a physical level you are also not in balance. Do you find yourself asking other’s advice a lot?  Do you always seek out others for information and healing?  Are your hormones imbalanced?  This is where you may need to do some work.  Not just having others work on you but learning techniques to heal yourself.

There are chakras in the palms of the hands and in the fingertips. These allow energy to flow out of your body and especially to express your creativity.

The chakras in the arch of each foot allow you to connect to this planet and get needed information from mother earth.

There are other chakras of a very spiritual nature which are more directly connected to the Supreme Being and which give us spiritual information. However the major 7 are most important for our healing purposes as they will help us to be more balanced and healed within our bodies. And since these are our temples and our responsibilities that is where we need focus our attention.  Then we can allow the Supreme Being to do his/her work and we can do ours.  Maybe God gave us these bodies to get us out of his/her business? I know mine keeps me plenty busy!!!

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