The Dharmananda Yoga Chakra Balancing Exercise works to align the chakras. It is a visualization mental psychic healing technique. You may combine it with a relaxation or meditation routine. It may be done seasonally(the equinox and solstice times are beneficial), monthly(the full and mew Moon days are beneficial), weekly(Sunday 12 noon), or daily(dawn and dusk). I recommend at least weekly use. Please use the above chart for reference.


1. Lion posture to rid yourself of used or dirty prana is helpful.

2. Have a straight spine or an erect spine. You may sit in a chair, lie down(Savasana-dead man’s pose), sit cross-leeged, sit Zen, sit in Lotus or any variation. Importantly, you should be comfortable with your spine straight.

3. Breathe slowly, deeply, and abdominally, The rhythm should be 1:1 for inhalation and exhalation with your holds empty(lungs empty) and full(lungs full) being one-half of the length of the inhalations and exhalations. Do not strain with your holds!

4. Once you reach a solid rhythm, begin the actual exercise. Envision a light blue light washing down your body from head to toe through 3-6 rounds( a round is one cycle of inhalation-hold-exhalation-hold) of deep breathing.

5. Using 3 rounds of deep breathing for each chakra, envision each chakra( with its symbol in its color at its designated location ) lightin up sequentially from the Saturn chakra to the Crown chakra. If you have trouble getting a chakra to light up, repeat the attempt until you get the response. You may want to add the associated sound or alignment statement to help awaken the chakra.

6. Envision all the chakras equally lit. Use 3-6 rounds of breathing to do this. The chakras should be gently pulsating in rhythm to your respirations or heartbeat.

7. Once you have them balanced in color, size, clarity, bring white light with gold flecks around you from head to toe to complete the balancing. This white, gold-flecked casing should be also pulsating in rhythm to your respriations or heartbeat.

I have a very basic videotape to help you with this exercise. I can also recommend some texts on the breathing (pranayama) techniques. Soon, I hope to have the yoga postures on my energy wellness exercise page. Good luck.

Sensing Chakras

What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy center or nadir of the body’s largely internal energy system. This energy flow system has channels. The energy flows through the body as the body’s circulatory system’s blood or lymphatic system’s lymph fluid do. Various healing methods have differing names for this concept of energy flow system. All of these methods utilize energy channels with entry and exit areas to re-balance the body energies to decrease symptoms. Some alternative healing methods that incorporate this concept are: acupuncture; crystal therapy; therapeutic touch; pranic healing.

How does the chakra differ from the previously discussed topic of “aura”?

The chakra is made up of energy/wave particles as is the aura . Chakras, like auras, have shape, color, temperature. The major difference is location. The aura layer is the outer covering for the physical body. The chakra energy system is essentially internal(the head chakra is one exception). Sources conflict as to whether or not the functions of these 2 aspects of subtle anatomy are different. In my experience, the aura serves as a symptom diagnostic agent as well as a defensive protective “coat” for the body. The chakra system “feeds” the body. The chakras are places of additional energy activity for adding, unblocking, and/or draining energy or prana.

What is the purpose of sensing chakras?

Sensing chakras is the first step in balancing chakras. Balanced chakras mean balanced energy. Balanced energy will correspond to increased levels of wellness. Myriads of approaches exist to balance the body energy. As we progress, we will define, compare, and contrast these re-alignment methods. As practical primers to this exploration, we will continue to work with auras and chakras. The chakras, in contrast to auras which are visually striking, are most easily sensed via touch.

Chakra sense exercise This exercise can be performed on yourself or on a partner.

1. Achieve a relaxed state. Begin by sitting comfortably in a manner that facilitates placement of your hand over your trunk or your partner?s trunk. Do a few rounds of deep, slow breathing.

2. Place your hand 6-12 inches at the level of the shoulders at the front of the chest. Bring your hand slowly up and down varying from the 6 inch to the 12 inch distance. As you slowly do this, you should begin to sense fullness/ tingling/cold/heat/etc. at a certain level.

3. Now slowly, while continuing to breathe rhythmically, sweep the trunk(bring your hand from one end to the other of the trunk). Vary the height of your hand while doing this. You will get a sense of different pockets of energy. You are sensing chakras.

No luck,yet? Keep working on it.

Here is a basic rule of energy work-you must get rid of the used or dirty energy from your hands. You need to wash away this energy, just as healthcare workers must wash their hands. It is simple but imperative to do. After you finish the last sweep, point your hand away from your body and shake it vigorously. Tell the energy to leave you..

Peace. Heather

Chakras and their corresponding colors

With this article and in future features, I will present information on chakras and their physical manifestations. As previously described, chakras have colors as part of their expression of energy.

While you study the literature on chakras, you may get frustrated. The information on the physical properties of chakras is contradictory. I reconciled this discrepancy while working with clients. As I found myself sometimes to be a “sticky” conduit or channel for energy, I contemplated authors and their descriptions of the physical properties of chakras. Certainly if the reader or healer has some imbalance( as we all do since we are on this Earth plane), the impression of the chakra will be changed by this imbalance. Since the reader and client work together to change the energy, the reader’s imbalance is incorporated into the process and so is irrelevant. It does affect us though, if we do not take the time to thoughtfully approach any information on subtle energy patterns. So when you read a short piece on chakras, please do not just grab the information and go. Take your time and allow the combination of the guidelines to blend properly with your individual needs.

Having said that general lists can be less than helpful, I now will give you a list. But, again, please allow the list to blend with your subtle energy patterns. From my practice and a review of the literature, this is my impression of the chakras and their colors.

Saturn-brown-black-base of spine

Jupiter-green-small of back



Moon-white-violet-base of skull


Crown-purple-above head

Chakra Color Healing Procedure

1. With your relaxation/meditation process or via a chakra reader, you determine your weak chakras.

2. Surround yourself with these colors. Repeated exposure to these colors will work to improve the function of the affected chakras.

3. This is a self-regulating wellness method. If your attitude is correct, you cannot over-stimulate the chakras. So at the worst using the “wrong” color will just not do anything(this self-regulating property is common to alternative wellness methods). Other more complex methods utilize colors to balance chakras exist. We can explore those as you desire.

Please contact me if you have questions/difficulty.

Peace. Heather

Chakras and their associated sounds

You probably have heard of the Gregorian monks who help to balance the cosmos via their chanting. Certainly other groups perform this service as well. Another Christian group who performs this function is the Benedictine nuns at the Abbey of Regina Laudis(Bethlehem, Connecticut, USA). Additionally, shaman healers practice chanting as part of their healing ceremonies. So, it is not surprising to find that sounds exist which attune to each of the nadirs of the chakra energy system. Anecdotally, these sounds have been shown to improve the balance of the chakras. The following is a list of the chakras and their sounds.

Saturn chakra-LA

Jupiter chakra-BA

Venus chakra-YM

Mercury chakra-HA

Moon chakra-RE

Sun chakra-AH

Crown chakra-OM

You may repeat in rounds(usually in sets of 3) the associated chakra sound to balance the energy system. The combination of the chakra sound repetition, chakra color, and chakra symbol work to potentiate the balancing effect. You may also place the written representation of the sound near or within the symbol rather than chanting. However, I have personally noted that the vocalization seems to be far more powerful. This work can be done as part of meditation or separately.

Procedure for clearing chakras with their associated sounds

1. Get in a comfortable position.

2. If you have identified the chakra(s) in need of balancing, begin the rounds of chanting of the associated sound(see list). The rounds are in sets of 3 repetitions 3 times. However, please listen to your body, numerologically your energy vehicle(body) may need another number of rounds or repetitions.

3. If you have not identified the chakra, you simply vocalize each sound. The sound which resonates most to you is the appropriate sound to use. Now that you have identified the sound(and thus the chakra), go to step 2.

Let me know how you do. Santosha. Heather

Chakras and their associated symbols

Chakra symbols are shapes that have vibrations which facilitate alignment and function of the chakras. From a review of the literature and my perceptions from my pranic healing practice, I have found the following figures to be most frequently associated with the chakras.

Saturn chakra-square

Jupiter chakra-pyramid

Venus chakra-cross

Mercury chakra-chalice

Moon chakra-circle

Sun chakra- 6-pointed star

Crown chakra-lotus

As with the healing color procedure, you can use representations of the symbol during relaxation/meditation practice or place in your sleeping area to facilitate chakra re-balancing. In my practice I combine the symbols with the colors to design a healing mandala*. These two aspects of color and shape work more quickly to change the energy flow.

Shanti to you in your explorations. Remember, have self-confidence. The guru is present within as well as in others. Let me know how you do. Heather

*The term “mandala” simply means wheel/circle. Historically, spiritual workers have utilized the wheel to discern personal body rhythms. Examples of spiritual workers using the mandala include: Native American medicine men; Tibetan sand painters.


Dharmananda Yoga Chakras

Dharmananda Yoga is an energy system organized around the energy centers of the body. The particular organization and application to healing and forward spiritual development is based on my personal metaphysical experiences and on Yogi Ramacharaka’s works. This yogic approach can be applied in all areas and levels of life. The following information highlights how the theory is applied to esoteric anatomy and energy flow. Please view other links for information on other applications of this theory.

Dharmananda Yoga Chakra Chart

Planet Saturn Jupiter Venus Mercury Moon Sun Crown
Location base of spine small of back heart-


throat base of


forehead above head
Color brown-black green pink blue white-


white-yellow purple
Symbol square pyramid cross chalice circle 6 point star lotus
Emotion appropriate


giving well readiness

for love



flexibility humility spiritual




I let go well All I give I receive It is safe

to love

Balance I bend

but do not


I am one

with all

OM and/or

All is one











chamomileylang-ylang lavendar




1-5am 1-5pm 4-8pm 4-8am 7-11pm 7-11am 11am-1pm,11pm-1am
Mudra Prithvi Cup Buddhi Ahamkara Gomukha Gnana Om/Namaste

Chakra Balancing Exercise-Dharmananda Yoga Chakra System- see above chart

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