Psychoenergetic Healing work is the recollection and mending of lost pieces of the Soul. These lost pieces may be experienced in many different ways:

  • yearning
  • depression
  • unexplained sadness
  • anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • addictions

Dr. Myers’ work is based on the STAR (Soul Transmission and Re- patterning) process which emphasizes psychospiritual healing practices. This work involves an emphasis on the “light” body and subtle energy fields. These healings utilize our multi-dimensionality to identify, cleanse and recreate new energies into our daily lives. There is an identification of woundedness, removal of dense energies, re-alignment of the chakras, and a reconnection with the unconditional expression of Being.

This healing work is intended to facilitate greater freedom of thought, feeling and spirit.

Dr. Myers’ has an extensive background in experiential psychotherapy, the Advanced Incan Medicine Wheel, and the STAR process training program.

Dr. Myers’ helps clients to enliven and extend the yearnings of the Soul. He recognizes the interrelationship of body-mind-spirit that is reflected in ancient cultures.

Fear, Love and Letting Go

You are the Co-creator of your life as you experience love and fear. You consist of and interact with subtle energies. These subtle energies carry knowledge and power. In your struggle, you have encountered distraction, dulling, soul loss, and armoring. This has affected your sense of Self and your ability to create form from the formless. This workshop focus on “letting go” of obstacles and reweaving intent and purpose . This workshop will utilize many experiential methodologies to enhance your knowledge of these energies and the removal of blocks to being “present.”

This work involves self dialogue, memory/emotional release, journeying, future intention, and Ceremonial Fire. Experiences will be taken from Bioenergetic, Incan, and Native American experiences. This is not a psychotherapy workshop; this may serve as either “personal” education or as an adjunct experience. The experiences are designed to raise your emotional awareness. If you are in therapy, you are encouraged to consult with your therapist before participation.

“…True transformation is, after all, a pathless path.”

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